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Welcome to RetCure.Ai

An innovative solution for Medical Image Classification

RetCure.Ai has been in the Medical Imaging Service. We are pre incubated  in MIC, IIT Madras Research Park. We are working on the innovative solutions using AI & ML, which will address the problems in the area of medical image classification. Our tools are useful for data driven decision making for medical community.

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At RetCure.Ai, We develop applications that enable mass health screenings and data collection to improve access to vital health examination services. The applications are bundled with specific diagnostic instruments. Our solution is useful for large patient groups, and can be used to screen for and grade Diabetic Retinopathy among Type I and Type II diabetics and Glaucoma.

From the existing medical archives, we mine and cultivate using computational techniques seeking patterns that can help doctors with disease diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. We are a technology firm, having collaboration with  Health care organizations to access medical data in order to provide timely, doctor assisted solutions utilizing technologies such as portable devices, cloud computing, and deep learning.

We commit ourselves to create and predict Early Warning Systems for preventing fatal diseases and ailments. We are developing tools enabled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities to make the next leap in patient care in the area of radiology, retinopathy and pathology. The increasing demand for medical imaging services to enable medical community without compromising patient care by adopting new technology that significantly enhances the capabilities of doctors, para medical staff.  We empower medical community with revolutionary AI & ML offering which helps health providers manage the ever increasing workload without compromising quality.

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RetCure.Ai, MIC, IIT Madras Research Park

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